About Swepol

Swepol has produced wedding rings since 1994 and is today one of the leading producers in Poland. With the Swedish owner and leadership the company has grown to a big modern production where we combine traditional goldsmith trade with the latest CNC computerized machine technology. Today we deliver rings to, among others, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Poland and Sweden.

All of our products are sold through retailers. A list of them you can find here. In the jewelry shop you will be offered personal service, you can look at the rings and try them on and get some good advice from experienced, professional personnel.


Within the company we have a 40 year experience of the gold- and jeweler trade in Sweden. We have a special competence in diamond grading from Sweden, Belgium and USA. We can see that customers buys more and more rings with diamonds and therefore it is important for the consumer and the shops that they can trust their supplier when it comes to diamond quality and prices. Due to our knowledge and very long experience you can trust us completely.

We guarantee that we only deal with diamonds that are conflict free due to The Kimberly Certificate Scheme (KPCS).


The grand opening of new site

The grand opening of new site !!!

The new website of our company started and will be continuously updated.

All interested in cooperation, please contact us.

New Collection

New Collection soon will be here. We announce the appearance of 3D Carbon

3D Platinum is coming

3D Platinum is coming