About Swepol

Swepol has produced wedding rings since 1994 and is today one of the leading producers in northern Europe. During 26 years we have developed a modern production where we combine traditional goldsmith knowledge with the latest CNC computerized machine technology. Today we deliver rings to the Baltic Countries, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

All of our products are sold through retailers. You can find a list of them here, on our web site. In the jewelry shop you will be offered personal service, you can look at the rings and try them on and get some good advice from experienced, professional personnel.

Good Luck in your choice of rings and Good Luck in life!

Our goal

Happiness is to find Love and to choose your Dream ring!

What can be more satisfying and more fun than to be a part of Your Dream? In over 25 years we have produced wedding rings to hundreds of thousands of lucky couples, who symbolizes their love with beautiful rings. That is our goal!

Our inspiration

In the design of our large collection of gold rings, we want to emphasize everything from youthful happiness and infatuation to a romantic maturity and love. We love classic, clean forms. But preferable with a modern touch. Timeless rings that feel modern and beautiful throughout life. Beautiful diamonds in high quality highlights the ring and its radiance. You should choose your ring with the same care and love as when you choose your partner! You should love your wedding ring all your life, young and old, just like your partner.

Our curiosity and experimental joy we indulge when we create rings in new, exiting materials. We worked early with titanium and is now one of the main producers of titanium rings in Europe. Our latest project, with rings in carbon combined with gold, silver, titanium and stones, has recently been launched and have already become a great success!

Our best tip

What to think about when you choose your wedding ring:

* You should choose a ring you like now as much as you will like it after many, many years.

* Choose a ring that suites your personality and that you want to wear every day. That is more important than to follow the latest trend.

* If you want stones in your ring, diamonds is the best choice. They are more expensive to buy but they will stay beautiful all your life. Diamond is the hardest material we know.

* There are diamonds in different qualities och therefore in different price levels. We use, as standard quality, TW/vs-si with very good cut, in our rings. To choose a high quality of the diamonds is essential if you want to enjoy the diamonds best properties, like whiteness, clarity and brilliance. The cut of the stone has a big impact of how well the stone will sparkle.

* Keep your rings clean. Diamonds are attracted to fat, so clean them often, preferable in lukewarm water with some washing-up liquid. In other words you don´t have to take your rings off when you are washing up the dishes. But watch out for soap, it can easily be collected in the settings and in the engraving.

* Check your rings every year. Go in to the shop were you bought the ring and let the goldsmith control the setting, stones, re-polish it etc so you can enjoy your ring all your life.



Within the company we have a 40 year experience of the gold- and jeweler trade in Sweden. We have a special competence in diamond grading from Sweden, Belgium and USA. We can see that customers buys more and more rings with diamonds and therefore it is important for the consumer and the shops that they can trust their supplier when it comes to diamond quality and prices. Due to our knowledge and very long experience you can trust us completely.
We guarantee that we only deal with diamonds that are conflict-free due to The Kimberly Certificate Scheme (KPCS).