3D Carbon - NEW collection

Now we have launched our new collection with rings in carbon, 3D Carbon. A very exciting and hot material if you want something unique. Carbon is a natural material that was made millions of years ago. Our goldsmiths have designed a unique collection with rings in carbon in combination with gold, titanium, silver and beautiful stones!

The carbon rings radiates both character and personality and provides a natural connection to the earth's origins, to the present and to the future. A material that is forever!

3D Gold, Essence III - solitaire

Please see our new, beautiful solitaire rings in our gold collection, 3D Gold. The rings are easy to match with our other rings and are available in 10 diamond sizes, from 0,10 ct - 1,00 ct, TW/vs-si. We can also set side stones on the ring or set the big stone on an alliance ring. Looks beautiful!

Matching ear rings and pendants for a romantic Morning gift.

The designs are classic with a modern touch. You can choose between 3 different stone settings; Viva (6 soft claws), Tuva (4 soft claws) and Malva (4 straight claws). Find your own favorite!

3D Gold, Essence IV - halo

Beautiful halo ringar are the latest. They are easy to match with an alliance ring or a plain ring but is also very beautiful on it´s own. We can also set side stones on the ring or set the halo on an alliance ring. Looks gorgeous!

You can choose between 5 different halos; round, square, octagon, star and flower.

Find you own favorite!

3D TItanium - with coloured stones

Follow the latest trend with coloured stones! They look fantastic together with a grey titanium ring. In CZ we have 13 different colours to choose from. Find your favorite colour or combine many!