Gold rings                                                                        

A wedding ring in gold is a symbol of love that will last your whole life. You should choose a ring that you love the day you marry but you shall also like it as much after 30, 40 and 50 years. You should choose it with the same care and love that you use when you choose your partner. We have a big variation of models to choose from, plain rings, rings with facets, multi colored rings and classic alliance rings, solitaire rings and halo rings set with beautiful stone, so you will easily find a model that suits you.  The quality of the ring is also very important, the ring should be worn every day and still be equally beautiful. But don´t forget to take good care of your ring, clean it often.  A plain gold rings you can ask you local goldsmith or jewelry shop to polish now and then and your ring will look like new again.


Titanium rings                                                

A ring in titanium has a very wide field of application and is suitably on many occasions. Like an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a partner ring, a jewelry ring, a friendship ring etc. The titanium is a modern and smart looking metal with a likable and different color. One of the positive properties of titaniums is that it doesn´t bring on any allergy. So if you are very sensitive, titanium is a natural choice. You can choose between models in only titanium or in titanium with bands in gold or silver. You can also get nearly every model set with cubic zirconia or diamonds. Choose the model that suits your personality. But don´t forget to take care of your ring, clean if often. If you have a mat ring, you can use the special material you received with you ring and brush it carefully lengthwise and you will take away superficial scratches and your ring will look like new again. But don´t use the material over cz, they will get scratched.

Carbon rings                                                                   

Carbon is the latest and hottest material in the jewellery business. Carbon is a fantastic material, hard and durable but very light and with a strong, exiting surface. The individual shades makes every ring unique. Carbon is millions of years old and is found in the earth. Together with gold, silver, titanium and diamonds our gold smiths creates beautiful and special rings, as a strong symbol of true love and sustainability. For everyone that looks for something special, or is extra sensitive, this is it!

We have also designed a special collection in carbon for men. Rings that radiates character and personality!

Platinum rings                                                

Platinum has once again come into the spotlight and has become more and more popular. Platinum is a fantastic material, very appreciated for its sustainable and durability. Platinum don´t ages and a ring in platinum will always look beautiful.  It is approx. 40% heavier than gold and it is much harder to work with than gold, so it takes a skilled gold smith to tame the material.