We produce wedding rings in 8K, 14K och 18K yellow, white and rose gold. Our rings are seamless which makes them easy to change in size. The rings are slightly rounded inside which makes them comfortable to were.

To guarantee high production quality, we use high tech machines from Germany and Switzerland.  Diamonds and other stones are set under microscope by hand, of experienced setters. The finishing of the rings, such as polishing, personal engravings etc are mostly made by hand. The last quality check is always made manually.

Our gold rings are only made from re-cycled gold.




The rings are made with different profiles.

The classic ring profiles are: Straight (200), slightly rounded (300), rounded (400).

Other popular profiles are: straight with soft edges (230), straight with cut edges (632) and ellipse shape (628).

The rings are comfortable rounded inside.



The surface of our rings are always made by hand. The standard surface for our gold rings are high-polished but there are many other surfaces to choose from. On the inside the rings are always polished shiny, by hand.



You can get


We make our classic rings in different width, from 1 mm -12 mm. We can also change width in many other of our ring models.


We can make our classic rings in different height up to 2,7 mm. If you already have a ring, we can match the height in your new ring. Please note that if you want big stones in your ring, the ring will automatically be higher. The standard height in our rings are 1,6 - 1,8 - 2,0 mm.



All stones are set by hand, using microscope. We have five different settings which all gives the ring a different look. Choose the one you like the most.

(PHOTO /std, j, mj, sq, can) - Add canal setting)

Stone position

The stones can be place in different positions on the ring; close together like an alliance, on the side, across, diagonal, spread around the ring etc. Please look in our catalogue or on our web site for inspiration. Maybe you have your own idea.



A beautiful engraving will make your ring unique and personal. We can laser engraving on both in- and outside the ring. Choose between different fonts and symbols. We can also engrave your fingerprint or your signature.

h inside and outside.



You can create your own personal engraving with your hand writing, signature, fingerprint or a special symbol or drawing.




We give 2 years guarantee of all our rings, also the one with stones, when used normally. This provided that the ring
hasn’t been exposed to external damage or any change, like size change, that has not been made by 3D Gold service
center. A certificate will follow the rings as a guarantee of authenticity and quality. We wish you good luck with your
choice of gold rings from 3D Gold.

Be sure you buy a genuine ring from 3D Gold. Look for our hallmark which guarantees authenticity and is
a symbol for high quality.