Titanium - material
Titanium is a very tough and hard metal which is very strong but at the same time soft and elastic. We produce all our rings in pure titanium, without alloys, which makes it possible to change the rings in size so they will fit you all your life and you can even saw through the titanium if needed. In some models we combine the titanium with yellow gold, red gold or silver. In some we combine all four metals.

Body friendly
Titanium is a body friendly metal used in many implant applications. It will not create any allergy whichmakes it suitable for everybody.

Environment friendly

As Titanium is very  orrosion resistant and easily recycled, it makes very little long term damage to the environment – Titanium is a “green” metal! When you choose a ring from 3D Titanium you have the opportunity to personalize your selection and get the ring of your dreams! Just go into your shop where you can get help to ensure you make the right choice from experienced, trained personnel.



The rings have different profiles.
Our classical rings; T200 is straight, T300 is slightly rounded
and T400 is rounded. Most of our rings have a comfortable
rounded inside.



The surface on our rings is always made by hand. Standard is mat but there are several other surfaces to choose from. On the inside they are always hand polished shiny.



You can get our classical rings in different width from 1 mm – 12 mm. You can also change the width in our models with lines, edges and bands. You can get our classical rings in any height up to 3,0 mm. You can also change height of our models with lines, edges and bands. Please be aware that if you set big stones in a ring it will automatically get higher. Standard height in the rings is 1,8 - 2,0 mm.




Beautiful stones look very good together with titanium. You choose yourself if you want real brilliant cut diamonds, white or in colour,quality TW-SI/VS or cubic zirconia (cz), white or in colour, from Swarovski. How many stones, the size of the stones you can usually choose yourself.

Stone setting

All stones are set by hand. We have seven different setting which all gives different looks. Choose the one you like the most.

Stone position

The stones can be positioned in different ways in the ring, close together, along one side, across the ring, diagonal over the ring, equally spread around the ring, in- or outside the wave and loop. Please look in the catalogue and get inspired. Maybe you have your own idea.



A beautiful engraving will make your ring unique and personal. We can engrave the rings both inside and outside. Choose between different types and symbols.



You can create your individual engraving with your hand writing, signature or fingerprint.



We give 2 years guarantee of all our rings, also the one with stones, when used normally. This provided that the ring
hasn’t been exposed to external damage or any change, like size change, that has not been made by 3D Gold service
center. A certificate will follow the rings as a guarantee of authenticity and quality. We wish you good luck with your
choice of gold rings from 3D Gold.

Be sure you buy a genuine ring from 3D Gold. Look for our hallmark which guarantees authenticity and is
a symbol for high quality.